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Lamar State University Parking Lot Project
Water truck spreading Base-Seal "Fog Sealing" with TOP-SHIELD TS-100 on a BASE-SEAL BS-100 and flyash stabilized base, proves to be an effective, environmentally friendly, and less expensive method of full depth reclamation for this Lamar State University parking lot. The lot was built to DOT specs.
Completed Parking lot at Lamar 4-97 This reclamation project was completed in April 1997 at a construction cost that was half of that spent on another, concurrent parking lot project in the area which used conventional methods of base stabilization. After full depth reclamation, the parking lot was given a 2 inch asphalt surface.
Lamar Parking lot 2½ years later As of January 2000, the lot experienced no base failures and has not required any surface repairs. The base has an estimated life expectancy of 20 years. Certified Engineering Technician, Phillip “Ace” Wise was the design and construction consultant on this project.

Base-Seal BS-100 in Georgia
This project in the State of Georgia used the BASE-SEAL method of soil stabilization.  BASE-SEAL BS-100 Liquid Soil Stabilizer was applied by a water truck through a Hamm Raco-350 reclaimer's injection system.
Base-Seal BS-100 in Texas

Sulphur Road

BASE-SEAL BS-100 Liquid Soil Stabilizer was used on this Full Depth Reclamation project in East Texas.  For more of the story, click here
Base-Seal BS-100 in Florida

Shortly before Hurricane George slammed into the Florida coast in September 1998, this county road base was stabilized with a mixture of BASE-SEAL
BS-100, and 3% flyash. Then it was sealed with TOP-SHIELD TS-100. After three feet of flood water ran over the cured base, none of road base was damaged, and it was still ready to receive the asphalt surface.

Walton County Stabilization Foreman, Brooks Davis, stands proudly on one section of 95 completed miles of county roadway constructed by his Stabilization Team since Hurricane George. BASE-SEAL BS-100 & TOP-SHIELD TS-100 were used in the full depth reclamation of these Florida road bases.

Impossible to Stabilize Beach Sand ?

Nelson Miner, P.E., demonstrates that it can be done using  BASE-SEAL BS-100 & TOP-SHIELD TS-100 to stabilize the base.  

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