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· Non-Toxic
· Non-Corrosive

Sealant, Stabilizer, Dust & Erosion Control

Application Information

TOP-SHIELD TS-100 is easy to use and requires no special handling or equipment. Simply dilute TOP-SHIELD TS-100 in the water truck and apply to the soil as a sealant, to control dust and erosion, fog seal, or use as a stabilizer. When properly applied, TOP-SHIELD TS-100 firmly bonds material to create a flexible and long-lasting surface, that is resistant to moisture.

EQUIPMENT: Only a WATER TRUCK Is needed. A ROAD GRADER and ROLLER are optional. When filling the water truck, place the hose outlet beneath the TOP-SHIELD TS-100 solution to prevent foaming. Rinse equipment after use.

SURFACE TO BE TREATED: TOP-SHIELD TS-100 may be used with any type of soil. If the surface is stable, no preparation or scarifying is needed. If potholes, ruts, or "washboarding" exist, loosely grade and lightly compact granular material before applying TOP-SHIELD TS-100. Slow traffic can continue during application.

APPLICATION:  FOR SEALANT ON CURED BASES OR FOR DUST AND EROSION CONTROL should be made in 2 or 3 light passes to cover the entire area.  It should be allowed to thoroughly soak into the soil prior to the next application. If a roller is available, immediately compact the surface while it is still wet. (Applying single application seasonally is an excellent method of transforming the surface into a durable, moisture resistant barrier.)

DILUTION: For "Fog Sealing" before paving TOP-SHIELD TS-100 is applied at the solution rate of 0.5 gallon per square yard (15 parts water) in two passes 30 minutes apart.  For dust and erosion control, TOP-SHIELD TS-100 is also applied at the solution rate of 0.5 gallon per square yard (8 parts water).  The "Dilution Calculations" chart below will be helpful in determining how much TOP-SHIELD TS-100 you will need.

TOP-SHIELD TS-100's concentration ratios depend upon the soil type and moisture content.

Dilution Calculations USA

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TS-100 & Water in Solution
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Dust & Erosion
Or Fog Sealing

Ounces of TS-100 alone
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Fog Sealing = 15 Parts
Dust & Erosion = 8 Parts


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Drums of TS-100


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 Calculations shown are for TWO applications of
TS-100 one hour apart allowing full penetration.

Note: Parts Water for Fog Sealing is usually 15 to 1.


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1. In the absence of a road design, or laboratory analysis, the above computations are for estimation purposes only.
2. Base-Seal International Inc., warrants that TS-100 contains the necessary ingredients defined In the TS-100 specifications.
3. DO NOT allow TS-100 to freeze in its container before application.

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