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Long Time Customers Say...

...FEMA has approved the use of Base-Seal and Top-Shield as a mitigation method for roadway protection...the extensive use of stabilization as a mitigation option for the unpaved roads (including the shoulders and ditches) will greatly reduce the damages during the next storm season.

Nelson E. Miner, P.E.
Walton County, Engineer
DeFuniak Springs, Florida

...We found that the Base-Seal improved strength gain significantly and worked well in combination with other reagents as well. Base-Seal was chosen on these major projects based on meeting soil strength requirements and economic factors.

Phillip W. "Ace" Wise
Manager, Stabilization/Reclamation
PSM, Columbus, Ohio

...As a result of using BASE-SEAL we have greatly reduced the maintenance of [our] roads. Some of our roads were treated as long ago as 1987 and we have not been back to perform any maintenance other than to seal coat. I highly recommend the use of BASE-SEAL in the stabilization of unpaved roads.

Ed Moore
Commissioner, Precinct 4
Jefferson County, Texas

This letter is to add my endorsement to your list of satisfied customers for BASE-SEAL liquid soil stabilizer. We have successfully used this product for both soil stabilization and cold in-place asphalt recycling on numerous project during the past five years. We are very pleased with the performance of BASE-SEAL and are continuing to find new applications in our work. Our company has used BASE-SEAL in adverse weather and/or site conditions and have achieved excellent results.

Joseph Vernaci
President, Vernaci Construction, Inc.
Washington, Missouri

I am enclosing a picture of the roads that were under water for three to 10 days in Simonton, Texas. Estimates were that we would have 100 percent loss of these roads. After the run-off, FEMA was astonished to see very little damage to the roads containing BASE-SEAL...Only roads without BASE-SEAL had the damage.

Bob Lutts
Commissioner, Precinct 4
Fort Bend County, Texas

BASE-SEAL Clients Include:

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