Sulfur Road connects with Texas State Highway 69,
near the City of Beaumont, Texas.  The picture at
the right shows the road BEFORE  an 8 inch
FDR ( full depth reclamation) of the old surface
and base.  The base material  was then stabilized
with BASE-SEAL BS-100 Liquid Soil Stabilizer
and resurfaced with "chip-seal."

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November 1991

After the old surface was reclaimed to an 8 inch depth with Base-Seal
BS-100 Liquid Soil Stabilizer it was compacted with a sheep-foot vibratory compactor. Reclamation can be accomplished with recycler/pulver mixer or scarified with a motor grader.
After completion of the Base-Seal BS-100 Stabilized base and vibratory compaction, the third and last step is to smooth roll the base, using a suitable roller such as the pneumatic rubber tire roller shown below.   The base is  compacted to 98% Standard Proctor.
Completed Base-Seal BS-100 Stabilized road base, ready for
application of the pavement. In this case
a “chip-seal” surface was applied.
Oil emulsion primer being applied for “chip-seal”
by asphalt distributor with spray bar.

Base-Seal's TOP-SHIELD TS-100 is a great alternative to the oil emulsion primer.  It is more cost effective, friendlier to the environment, not slick, and does not track.  Since 1999, the Jefferson County crew uses TOP-SHIELD TS-100 for their road sealant in preparation for
“chip-seal” or asphalt surfaces.


Oil emulsion on Base-Seal BS-100 Stabilized road base is completed and ready for the chip-spreader to apply the "chip-seal" surface. 
(Note Texas highway 69 in the background).
Front view of chip-spreader applying
rock on the oil emulsion.


Back view of chip-spreader applying rock on the oil emulsion. Close-up of rocks in chip-spreader

East view of Sulfur Road at Texas Highway 69,
Sept 4, 2002

West view of Sulfur Road
Sept 4, 2002

A maintenance re-surface of rock cover & RS-2 was applied in 1996, but the original
Base-Seal BS-100 Liquid Soil Stabilizer prepared base is now 11 years old.